Translating Science

Reports from the applications that resulted from the production of academic thesis.


«Small-sided games in high-level football: integrating physiological, perceptual and tactical performances»

Marco Aguiar


«Effect of a training program on the development of creativity in school and sports contexts»

Sara Santos

FCT Granted Student (2013-17), advised by Professors Nuno Leite (UTAD) and Jaime Sampaio (UTAD)


«Creative Behavior and Collaborative Work in Football»

Bruno Gonçalves

FCT Granted Student (2013-17), advised by Professors Jaime Sampaio (UTAD), Nuno Leite (UTAD) and Daniel Memmert (University of Heidelberg, Germany)


«Monitoring long-term performance in football during players’ developmental stages»

Rui Marcelino

FCT Granted Post-Doc Student (2013-16), advised by Professors Jaime Sampaio (UTAD), Nuno Leite (UTAD) and Roland Leser (University of Vienna, Austria)


«Experiences of pain and injury in male and female Portuguese artistic gymnastics athletes. A Figurational Sociology approach»

Nuno Pimenta

FCT Granted Student (2011-15), addvised by Professors Dominic Edmund Malcom (University of Loughborough, United Kingdom) and Claudia Brandão Pinheiro (ISMAI)


«Evaluation of performance in game training collective sports»

Eduardo Abade

FCT Granted Student (2010-14), advised by Professor Jaime Sampaio (UTAD)


«Exercise, physical fitness, symptomatology and functional independence of postmenopausal women»

Florbela Aragão

FCT Granted student (2009-13), advised by Professors Helena Moreira (UTAD), Ronaldo Gabriel (UTAD) and Catarina Abrantes (UTAD)