Talentódromo Desportivo

This is a research and transfer of knowledge project, developed by CIDESD and supported by the Portuguese Olympic Committee, the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth and the Vila Real City Hall.

The project is working on a daily basis for three years, embedded in the local community indoor sports hall. The main aims are to produce scientific knowledge about the key factors that allow identifying and developing sports talent, provide performance monitoring, using advanced measurement technology, optimizing the development of participants with more potential, as well as promoting sport and active living for less talented individuals and contribute to coaches and technical staff education.

The Talentódromo Desportivo gathers around 40 continuous participants per year and more than 100 occasional participants, from several different sports, genders and age groups. There are about 700 training sessions with activities to develop performance in aspects such as creative thinking, motor literacy, decision-making and action or collaborative work.