Sandra Cristina Ribeiro Vaz da Silva Martins

Sandra Cristina Ribeiro Vaz da Silva Martins

Institution: Universidade Europeia

Community: GERON

Research: Integrated

Holder of a PhD in Human Kinetics in the speciality of Health and Physical Fitness for eleven years, with an overall curriculum with an h-index of 12, comprising 21 articles published in Web of Science indexed journals, 6 books and 10 book chapters, co-author of 7 pedagogical books. Has participated in 5 funded research projects, 3 of which funded by the FCT. Co-supervisor of a doctoral thesis with the University of Évora and supervisor of 26 completed master’s degrees, jury member in 2 doctoral and 6 juries of master’s exams. Current PI in the Lifestyle@UE project in partnership with the Universidad Europea de Madrid with funding from Banco Santander. Chairman of the Fiscal Council of the Portuguese Society for the Study of Obesity, Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Portuguese Association of Exercise Physiologists, Member of the Scientific Council of the National Programme for the Promotion of Physical Activity of the Directorate General for Health, and member of the ONCOMOVE team.


Orcid: 0000-0001-7217-6273

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Ciência ID: 8116-02FE-E383