Pedro Miguel Pereira Martins

Pedro Miguel Pereira Martins

Institution: ISMAI

Community: GERON

Research: Collaborator

Pedro Martins has a degree in Nursing Sciences. He is also a Rehabilitation Nursing Specialist and a Master in Rehabilitation Nursing that was completed at the Nursing School of Coimbra (Portugal).

He is currently the manager of the Physical Exercise Programme at NephroCare Portugal (Fresenius Medical Care) leading a team with 50 health professionals. This is an intradialytic exercise programme, running in 25 hemodialysis units across the country, including about 500 patients.

He is a PhD student in Sports Sciences at the University Institute of Maia (ISMAI) and his current research focuses on understanding the feasibility of an intradialytic exercise programme at national level and its impact on clinical outcomes in End-stage Renal Disease patients.



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