Pedro Miguel da Silva Antunes

Pedro Miguel da Silva Antunes

Institution: UBI


Research: Collaborator

Pedro Miguel da Silva Antunes born in Covilhã at 1992. He graduated in physical science at University of Beira Interior (2014). In 2016, at the same institution, under Prof. Dulce Esteves and Prof. José Moutinho supervision, he completed Master’s Degree in Physical Science (exercise and health) with the presentation of a thesis entitled “Evaluation of the effects of a physical exercise program on breast cancer survivors. Pilot study – Implementation of the MAMA_MOVE program”. The quality of that work would be later recognized with an honourable mention from Portuguese Olympic Committee/Millennium BCP Foundation Sports Sciences 2016 in the category of Sports Medicine.

Currently, he is a Ph. Degree student at the same institution, directs a physical exercise program for women breast cancer survivors at Covilhã (MAMA_MOVE®) and supervises the replication of this program in the hospital centre of Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho.



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