Paulo Filipe da Rosa

Paulo Filipe da Rosa

Institution: IPS

Community: CHANGE

Research: Integrated

Paulo Rosa is a professor at the Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior (@ESDRM), Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (@IPSantarém) (since 2009), researcher at the Research Center in Sport, Health and Human Development (@CIDESD) (integrated member since 2023) and PhD in Sport Sciences by the Madeira University (@UTAD) (since 2014).

His academic filed and main research concerns are linked to adventure sports and tourism in three specific domains: 1) management dynamics of adventure tourism companies/operators, particularly in the areas of strategic management, product development, and business sustainability; 2) education for sustainable development through outdoor sports; 3) Protected areas management for outdoor recreation and tourism.



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Ciência ID: E213-6776-998F