Paulo Alexandre da Silva Ferrajão

Paulo Alexandre da Silva Ferrajão

Institution: Universidade Europeia

Community: GERON

Research: Integrated

Paulo Ferrajão is currently an Assistant Professor and the Coordinator of the PhD in Psychology and the Online Psychology Degree at Universidade Europeia. He holds a degree in Psychology (area of Clinical Psychology) and a PhD in Psychology (area of Clinical Psychology) and Clinic, from ISPA-University Institute. His research areas of interest are Clinical and Developmental Psychology, the Psychological Impact of Adverse and Traumatic Experiences, Physiological Processes Associated with Aversive Experiences and Pain, Ecological Anxiety and Environmental Identity and Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is the author of several articles of international importance in the areas of psychotraumatology, risk factors and resilience associated with exposure to traumatic experiences, the impact of adverse experiences on development, bereavement and chronic illness. He is part of international networks of researchers, namely the National Center of Psychotraumatology. Southern Denmark.


Orcid: ORCID: 0000-0002-2837-0965

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Ciência ID: A312-1093-9143