Mariana Amaral da Cunha

Mariana Amaral da Cunha

Institution: ISMAI


Research: Integrated

Mariana Amaral da Cunha is an Assistant Professor at the Institute University of Maia (ISMAI) with 8+ years in teaching and research at university level. She has a PhD in Sports Sciences with a specialization in Physical Education Teacher Education from the Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, and a MRes in Educaional and Social Sciences from the Institute of Education, University of London.

Amaral da Cunha’s main teaching and research interests revolve around Physical Education Teacher Education, Professional Development, Professional Identity, Teaching, Learning and Assessment issues within School Physical Education, and Qualitative Methods.

She has been involved in research projects in sports, social and educational fields at ISMAI, University of Limerick, University of Porto, and University of Évora.




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Ciência ID: C611-6E55-D8A9