Manuel Joaquim da Silva Loureiro

Manuel Joaquim da Silva Loureiro

Institution: UBI

Community: GERON

Research: Integrated

Manuel Joaquim Loureiro is a psychologist and obtained his degree in Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Coimbra in the area of ​​Clinical and Health Psychology. He received his PhD in Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Salamanca and got the title of Aggregate t in Psychology at the University of Beira Interior, where he is now full professor of the Department of Psychology and Education, teaching more recently in the areas of social psychology and psychological bases of medicine.

The orientation of postgraduate students in psychology has been a constant, distributed by the orientation of internships, dissertations and theses. He develops research in the field of clinical and health psychology, passing his current research interests on the psychosocial and social cognition variables, focusing in particular on aggression in the context of intimate relationships and behavioral change associated with health. As a psychologist, in addition to his professional experience as a teacher and researcher, the activity carried out in the Navy in the 1980s stands out. He accompanied the professional associative movement of psychology in Portugal and is a member of Portuguese Order of Psychologists, having been a member of the Assembly of Representatives of this professional association.



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Ciência ID: 0B11-53E0-48A2