Luís Paulo Lopes Brandão Areosa Rodrigues

Luís Paulo Lopes Brandão Areosa Rodrigues

Institution: IPVC-ESDL

Community: GERON

Research: Integrated

Luis Paulo Rodrigues is Professor Coordenador and Director of the School of Sports and Leisure of Melgaço, at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo.  Ph.D. in Kinesiology- Motor Development at Texas A&M University (USA) in 2005; MSc in Child Development at the Technical University of Lisbon (FMH) in 1995; and BSc in Physical Education at the University of Porto (ISEF) in 1986.

His research areas of interest are: life span motor development, motor competence, physical and somatic fitness, and the relationship between motor development and academic success. He has published 49 articles in specialized journals and 28 papers in events, has 28 book chapters and 3 books published. He presented 96 papers in congresses. Co-supervised 3 doctoral theses, and 9 master’s theses. Received 4 awards and / or honors. In his professional activities he interacted with 120 collaborators in scientific work.



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Ciência ID: 4811-99FE-2ECD