Luís Miguel Teixeira Vaz

Luís Miguel Teixeira Vaz

Institution: UTAD


Research: Integrated

Luis Vaz is assistant Professor at the Sport Sciences, Exercise and Health Department in UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal, and researcher in Sport Sciences focuses is Rugby Union. Graduated from UTAD in 1997; Master in High Performance Sports Training at COI and UAM Madrid; Doctorate at UTAD in 2009.

Was international rugby player and has 20 years’ experience working as an applied sport scientist with elite rugby athletes and coaches. He holds a PhD in “Applied Science of Rugby”. During the period 2013 – 2017, Professor Vaz was Director of the Sports Science courses and Master in team sports in UTAD . He work as a sport science consultant and advisor for Portuguese Rugby Union and has member at Research Center of Sports Sciences, Health and Human Development (CIDESD).



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Ciência ID: 751D-AE2E-81FE