Luís Alberto Coelho Rebelo Maia

Luís Alberto Coelho Rebelo Maia

Institution: UBI

Community: STRONG

Research: Integrated

Luís Maia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Minho, a Master’s in Neurosciences from the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon, a Doctorate in Neuropsychology and a Specialist Title in Neuropsychology and Psychobiology from the University of Salamanca and a Postdoctoral Doctor position on Medical-Legal Sciences, by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of Abel Salazar.

He is professor at the University of Beira Interior, in the Department of Psychology and Education, and is a therapist with his own practice in Covilhã, where he works as a neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist, along with hundreds of patients, covering several areas of psychological evaluation and intervention, being registered in the Portuguese Psychologists’ Professional Board, with the title of Specialization in Clinical and Health Psychology and Neuropsychology.

He is the author of more than two dozen books, and the most recognized by his publisher with best sellers as the works “Raise without beating”, “And Everything Starts in the Cradle”, “Domestic Violence and Sexual Crimes”, as well as “Neuropsychological Evaluation and Rehabilitation”. He is also author of hundreds of scientific articles published nationally and internationally. He has been awarded around ten times, national and international, with merit awards for his work and performance on the field of psychology.



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Ciência ID: 401F-2C3C-6785