Ludovina Almeida Ramos

Ludovina Almeida Ramos

Institution: UBI


Research: Collaborator

Ludovina Almeida Ramos is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology and Education (DPE) of the University of Beira Interior (UBI).  She has a PhD degree in  Psychology, from the University of Beira Interior, and a Master degree, as well as a Post-graduate Degree, in Psychology of Motivation, from the University of Coimbra (UC).

She is a member of the Research Group on Positive Psychology and also of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists (OPP).  Over the years, she has been teaching several curricular unities at the Undergraduate Level and Master Degree of Psychology, namely in the field of Motivation and Emotion, Psychology of Emotions,  Psychological Assessment (among others),  and at the Integrated Master of Medicine (Psychological Bases of Medicine). She has also exercised coordination functions and has been responsible for the supervision of several Master thesis in the field o Health and Clinical Psychology.

Her current research interests include: motivation, self-determination, behavioural change, behavioural health and self-care, emotional regulation, positive emotions, psychological well-being.




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