Jorge Manuel Pinheiro Baptista

Jorge Manuel Pinheiro Baptista

Institution: ISMAI


Research: Collaborator

Jorge Baptista was born in Lisbon in 1968. He graduated in Human Mobility branch of Physical Education and Sports at the Piaget Institute. He received his Master’s degree from the University Institute of Maia (ISMAI) in Physical Education and Sports Education in Basic and Secondary Education. He is a doctoral student in Sports Science at the University of Beira Interior under the guidance of Professor Bruno Travassos.

He has the UEFA Pro Coach license.

Currently, he teaches at the ISMAI and the Polytechnic Institute of Maia. At ISMAI he is one of the coordination team of the Licentiate of Physical Education and Sport, he is the Coordinator of Internships of the Master of Sports Training and Coordinator of the Office of Support to the education of coaches. He is also responsible for education of new coaches of the Portuguese Football Federation. The research topics he covers are in the field of Football at the level of training and formation of coaches.

He was a professional football player.



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