João Paulo Reis Gonçalves Moreira de Brito

João Paulo Reis Gonçalves Moreira de Brito

Institution: IPS

Community: STRONG

Research: Integrated

João Paulo Brito is a professor at the Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior (@ESDRM), Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (@IPSantarém) (since 2000), researcher at the Life Quality Research Centre (CIEQV) (and integrated member of CIDESD between 2007-2015 and collaborator member since 2015), and PhD in Sport Sciences by the University of Extremadura, Spain (@UEx) (since 2007).

Previously he was a Physical Education teacher in secondary schools. He was also a professor at Almeida Garrett Higher Education School, Lisbon (1999-2001) and at IPSantarém-ESDRM he was president of the scientific council of the school. Currently he holds a position as professor coordinator (since 2009) and has a member of scientific council of ESDRM (since 2000) and of Research Unit of IPSantarém (since 2015).

His academic filed and main research concerns are linked to physiological determinants in sport, physical activity, and exercise, with special focus on training load control, strength training in sports performance and health, and clinical exercise physiology.



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Ciência ID: 3315-6060-AF8C