Ana Filipa Braga Barroso Campos Silva

Ana Filipa Braga Barroso Campos Silva

Institution: IPVC-ESDL

Community: STRONG

Research: Integrated

Ana Filipa Silva is graduated (as best student) in Physical Education and Sports at University Institute of Maia (ISMAI). Completed her Master degree andPhD in Sports Sciences at the Faculty of Sports of University of Porto (FADEUP), with a research grant by Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Also, completed an internship in University of Rouen, France.

Since 2017 she has been an Invited Assisted Lecturein the area of Motor Learning, Motor Development, Theory and Methodology of Training, and Physical Exercise Prescription. She also has been worked as invited reviewer of several impact factor journals.

Her research interest embraces motor control, motor learning, coordination, rehabilitation and youth training.




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Ciência ID: 5810-1EDF-8BAC