Research Communities

CreativeLab | Joint activities programs
  • Performance Analysis in Team Sports
STRONG Joint activities programs
  • Strength & Conditioning – The development of reasonable and reproducible strength exercise programs for different populations
  • STRONGinWATER – High tech development and applied research in water sports and water exercise
  • CFD – Explore the benefits of computed fluid simulations to help human motion and develop sports equipment
  • Powerfull4Sport – Analysis of race/match determinants; determine the genetic,  physiological, biomechanical and motor control  inputs able to describe and predict performance
GERONJoint activities programs
  • Physical activity, exercise and health throughout the life cycle with special focus on the elderly
  • Dynamic relationship between motor competence development and health
  • Passus Saudáveis – Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Motivational determinants of Sedentary Behaviour, Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle and motivational determinants of dropout, persistence and well-being in sport