Mission and Objectives

The mission of CIDESD is help developing human resources, capable of handling autonomous interventions under the domains of sports sciences, health and human development. This mission is particularly integrated in the goal 3 from the Sustainable Development Goals described in the 2030 agenda from the United Nations: ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.


The goals of CIDESD are articulated in three major domains:

Research: The research projects and activities of the CIDESD are organized under the scope and objectives of the unit and are articulated in three communities:


Community Intervention: Providing services to community and developing effective intervention strategies leading the intervention process, specifically:

  • sports performance, such as sports for age group athletes;
  • sports for high level athletes;
  • sports for handicapped athletes;
  • integration of sports in schools;
  • sports as a mean of social integration and resolution of social problems;
  • physical activity and sports programs related to health promotion and health care (palliative care).


Continuous Education: CIDESD members are deeply involved in:

  • educational activities (bachelor, master and PhD programs): At the moment we have fourteen bachelors, nineteen Master Courses and one PhD course functioning in strict agreement among all the consorted institutions;
  • continuous formation programs to enhance the knowledge, skills and effective methods available for sport sciences, health, schools and leisure professionals;
  • technical and professional education in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions for the technical and ethical informative enhancement.